Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Wedding

My hubby, Zac and I got married October 8th 2011. It was perfect, the one weekend in October that was about 83 degrees, that's Illinois weather! We got married outside a big, beautiful red barn. The reception was held after in the same barn. My friend catered the wedding, my other friend made the cake, my other friend did the flowers, my brother married us, a friend of my sister's did the photography..yeah we pretty much found the closest people to partake in the wedding. I wanted it to be personal, and it was. We aren't the most religious couple you've ever met, or therefore at all so I wanted my bro to marry us, and what better way to save money and have a wedding on a very small budget than to hire friends? I wanted to find a different, unique venue that I could bring in my own decorations and food! That's when my friend told me about this barn..so we checked it out and it was perfect. I was worried about weather and other things but when it came down to the last few days we got it all figured out. My husband and I met in a bar..I know not the best, but listen to this part..my friend Erin, who was a bridesmaid had invited me out to a bar with a friend she used to date Ryan, who just so happens to be my hubby's friend as well. Well, Ryan used to date Erin and was trying to get back together with her, so he invited my hubby along to keep me company. I still had a boyfriend at the time, but it wasn't going well, we had already broken up numerous times. Let's just say we all had so much fun and I woke up the next day realizing, wow there are other fish in the sea! Needless, to say I broke up with my bf at the time and got in contact with Zac, my hubby. From there we started dating and got engaged 4 years later.

 Meet Aiden, the ring bearer, well he didn't bear any rings but he pulled his little sister down the aisle! He is my nephew and this is him at the rehearsal dinner after a handful of chicken wings
 Me, my nephew, and my Maid of Honor and Sister Stephanie
 Kisses for the bride
 Ha, I only put this on here to show my real side..nutball!
My best friend and bridesmaid Erin
 This is my adorable niece Zoe, isn't she so cute? I bought her outfit on Etsy, it's so adorable. She was only 11 months at the time and not walking so I borrowed my Mom's rustic red wagon so her brother could pull her down the aisle. I found the idea for this sign online, where I got most of my ideas. When I first saw the wagon I was so excited with how my Mom decorated it.

 My Grandparents walking down the aisle. I love them to death. Many of my childhood memories involve them. God Bless them both in their old age. They've been married about 60 years and are in their 80's. I'm so happy to still have them in my life. They have been through so much and helped me any time I needed it.
This is my handsome husband Zac. 
 Meet Ryan and Erin, the two that are responsible for this day.
 Zac's brother Josh, and my Sister Stephanie, the Maid of Honor and Best Man
 Aiden, my nephew walking Zoe, my niece down the aisle. Aren't they cute? He did such a great job!
Me and Daddy, I kept stepping on my dress! Can you tell? I was not enjoying all eyes on me and kept looking down, I was too excited! 
 My husband's first look at me :)

My dress..long train, very sparkly. Something I never envisioned for myself. I always thought plain, pretty and flowy. Every time I tried these types of dresses on I liked them but didn't love them. I always told myself I'd never have a beaded dress and there I stand with one on. When I saw this dress in the room, I remember saying I don't think I'll like it but I'll try it. I tried it on and was unsure..but then I kept staring at it..I slept on it and tried more dresses on and decided that was the dress for me. I knew because I couldn't stop thinking about it. I never got that special feeling like many brides talk about. Maybe because I have a little tom boy in me. Maybe I chose this dress too because I hardly ever wear dresses or dress up so for that special day I just had to have something that was a little different.

 Vows..I choked through them. I remember saying to my friend before walking down the aisle, I'm either going to laugh or start crying..and I bawled.
 My ring was a little tight!

 Another one of my favorites!

 And this is my favorite :) My owl tattoo comes from an owl statue my Grandma gave to me..to remember her :) Love you Grandma, the cupcake is for graduating pastry arts school

 The Men..found the idea for their outfits online..go figure, I fell in love with the suspenders and bow ties!

 I'm not a huge fan of these pictures..it didn't really work but it still looks funny.
 This is my favorite bridal party picture

 Showing off the boots
 Sissy and I

 Meet Caleb, and Reese..two of the three children I nanny. Declan, the third didn't want to partake.
I think I have the cutest Grandparents..Bill and Vernadine!
 Here's a better picture of Zoe and her outfit. Man, she's cute..she's sitting with Lora one of my Mom's friends.

 I got these forks on Etsy along with the wine glasses in the background. I ordered more wine glasses for the bridal party and my Mom as a gift.
The centerpieces..mason jars filled with rocks and daisies. 

 The Cake Table
 God Bless my friend and dealing w my undecisiveness on which cake I wanted. We did a sunflower cake with burlap ribbon.

 God Bless her again for staying up till 3 A.M. last minute to make me a cake topper. I worked at a bakery in Chicago who was originally going to make the topper and a couple days before the wedding it fell apart. God Bless them too for trying. I figured I either won't have a cake topper or I'll find something on my own, needless to say my friend came to the rescue and made this. Isn't it amazing? I got this idea from Etsy, but they wanted to charge about $300! I almost ended up buying it anyways but thanks Britt for coming through and saving me $300!

Hubby and his Mom
 We put these on our thank you cards, I found this idea online too, It didn't turn out as good as I thought but it was hard to make it happen
Thank you for stopping by!
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Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

I never get tired of looking at your wedding photos!

Bridget@Flour N Friends said...

:) I redid these posts because I wanted to tell more of my story, you should check out the 2nd album I rewrote some stuff

Sally said...

Beautiful! I LOVE the bouquets & cake! I also wanted to let you know that I'm hosting my first giveaway, I'd love you to stop by my blog & enter to win a free My Memories digital scrapbooking software!

Julie @White Lights on Wednesday said...

This looks like such a fun wedding! Everything goes together to wonderfully and I love the little details (wheat for the guys, boots, your necklace). The picture of Zoe sitting on your dress is just precious. Love the tattoos too!

Susan-The Weekly Sweet Experiment said...

Beautiful day! Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's an amazing wedding and looked like so much fun. Love love the details!! You looked stunning and love your dress. And awesome wedding cake!

Heather McMullin said...

I love love your dress. Sparkle is the only way to go. You look so beautiful!!


wHiT said...

Love your choice in flowers! I had sunflowers as well! :)

Joan@chocolateandmore said...

What a beautiful wedding and lovely couple. Thanks for sharing your day with the rest of us. I found you at some link party (I forgot which one now) with your cake mix cookies. Following you now.

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