Monday, January 30, 2012

I was tagged!

Christina@ Marriage From Scratch  tagged me in this fun questionnaire. I was also tagged by Brittany@Fun with the Fullwoods...have you seen there blogs yet? They're awesome go check them out! I have to thank Brittany for being such an awesome supporter of my blog, she is always checking it out and commenting on many of my posts. As I'm up and coming I appreciate her support and following very much. I had seen this recently on a blog, and thought how cool, I hope someone tags me in this! So thank you Christina and Brittany. So here we go..

The Rules:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them.
 12 Facts About Me:
1. I absolutely adore my cat Franklin..hubby and I call him Frank, he is extremely spoiled and I talk about him at least once a day. I know most people might think this is weird but I love animals and he is awesome. I'm still normal! If you'd like to meet can here Meet Frank
2. I'm very goofy. I make weird noises, I have different voices..I can't really describe it..I love to make people laugh!
3. I have 5 step brothers..3 are from my Dad being remarried, and the other 2 are from my Mom being remarried.
4. I'm a neat/organized/clean freak, I hate clutter, I hate messes, I like everything to be clean!
5. I love sleep, particularly 9 hours a night..I don't care what people think or if they give me crap, I know what I want and it's my 9 hours of sleep!
6. I dropped out of high school to be home schooled..eventually got my GED about two weeks before I graduated as a pastry chef. Some people might think this is a negative thing..I see it as a positive, it got me working full time at the age of 15 or 16 made me learn to support myself as best I could, give me a strong work ethic and choose my career.
7. I'm trying to be more healthy and work out more.
8. I'm obsessed with chocolate.
9. I love my Mom, she's amazing and such an inspiration to me. She's crafty, she's a foodie like me, she blogs like me..check her blog out here Town and Country Living she helps me with everything..she runs marathons..yeah she's simply awesome.
10. I still have my grandparents around which I'm so happy to have them (I'm closer to my mom's parents) Bill and Vernadine. They are the cutest old couple you'll ever meet...should I say senior citizens? Whatever, they're old :) They have been married over 60 Grandma suffers from alzheimers but she is so amazing. I love both of them to death. 
11. I just got married to my best friend, we've been together almost 5 years and I'm totally looking forward to our and house :) We have both changed so much together and it's amazing how much we have changed and were able to grow together and accept each others changes.
12. I'm a laid back, down to earth girl..I like to please others and I hate confrontation. 
 Christina's questions for me:
1. What is the last movie you watched? Toy Story 3..I'm a nanny of 3 I watch lots of cartoons
2. Where were you born? St. Charles, IL suburb of Chicago
3. What's your favorite thing to cook? Anything with chicken, or Italian food
4. What is your most favorite trip you have taken? My honeymoon..seeing as I've only traveled a few other times than that. We went to Punta Cana
5. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to? Country, Punk, Hip-Hop/R&B, Rock, Alternaitve..yeah I have a lot of variety when it comes to music
6. How many kids do you have or want to have? I'd like to have 2, 3 at the most!
7. What are your hobbies? Baking, Cooking, Blogging, Exercising
8. What's something embarrassing/funny that has happened to you recently?

9. Do you prefer cats or dogs? why? Right now..I'd have to say cats because that's what I own and I don't have to walk him or take him outside to go potty..although my husband and I really want an English bulldog very soon

10. What's your favorite drink to order at Starbucks? I don't really like Starbucks..I know I'm crazy..I don't drink coffee really..sorry. So I'd have to say hot cocoa or that strawberry smoothie thing

11. What kind of car do you drive? Pontiac G6

12. What is one goal you have for your future? Save money/purchase a home

Brittany's questions:
1. What's your favorite season/time of year? Fall! :)
2. Favorite childhood memory? Playing at my Grandparents
3. Read any good books lately? If so, what? No, but I'm starting a book called "The Beginners guide to Natural Living"
4. Favorite guilty pleasure song? That's a toughie..I'd have to say I don't know!
5. Favorite dessert/sweet? This is impossible! I love everything chocolate, chocolate chip cookies is probably it, I know lame right?
6. What's your biggest goal for 2012? Save more money, go on an Anniversary trip, and buy a camera for my blog..I know that's 3 but that's my goal!
7. Favorite sport to watch/play? Watch: Basketball? I'm not a big sports person..go Hawks!
8. Ideal way to spend a Saturday?
9. Bath or shower? Bath!
10. Favorite state you've visted? South Carolina, I've only visited two other states being Missouri and Florida
11. Most frequented clothing store? American Eagle?
12. How will you spend Valentine's Day? Probably with the hubby eating dinner, having dessert and just relaxing
My Questions:
1. Whose your role model?
2. Savory or Sweet?
3. Besides blogging..what's your next go to hobby?
4. Goals for 2012?
5. Favorite thing to eat?
6. What's your guilty pleasure?
7.  Favorite T.V show?
8. Favorite thing to bake/cook?
9. How did you get into blogging?
10. What's your favorite thing to do on a weekend?
11. If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go?
12. What's your favorite website?


Renee said...

This is fun. Thanks for tagging me. Would it be completely awful if I did the questions and did not tag anyone else?

Bridget@Flour N Friends said...

It's our little secret!

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Hi Bridget!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following me! : ) I can already tell I am going to love your blog!

Abby said...

What a cute idea! I will try to get some answers up soon :) Thanks for the tag!!

Bridget@Flour N Friends said...

Thanks ladies!

Ambreen said...

Hi Bridget! It was interesting to know more about you! Thanks for tagging me. Will try to do this as soon as possible :)

Amy @ ThisCrazy,BeautifulLife said...

I did it! Thanks for tagging me! :]

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