Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet Frank

Whose Frank? My cat, or as I like to sometimes call him my son! I don't have kids yet so I can do that. Kind of weird I know but I love him. He's an only child and he's very spoiled. He's the perfect cat and best cat anyone could ask for. When my husband and I were first dating I told him I thought we should get a cat, he wasn't that into it, I remember him saying, "I don't like cats." Well, as we all know women always win and I got my way. We checked out our town's newspaper to see if anyone was giving away cats, and to our surprise they were and they were pretty close by. We went and checked out the kittens..they were so cute! I loove kittens. Who doesn't? Okay, I guess a lot of people don't. I had decided between two kittens and at the last minute chose Franklin, we call him Frank now because it's just easier. I have other silly nicknames for him, Misters, Misters Whiskers..I know I'm weird, but whatever! I'm so glad I chose him, orange and all. He's never had an accident, always uses his litter box, he's very playful, and cuddly. You'd think he was a dog. He usually sleeps with daddy every night but sometimes he lays on my side. I'm always calling him pretty, because he is. I'm basically obsessed with him. My Mom kept posting pictures of her cats on her facebook page with her new camera and I decided Frank needed a photo shoot, at first it was a joke, then it got serious. :) I decided she can come over and photo Frank and I'll cook lunch for her. It was a deal! So anyways on to my cute cat Frank. This post is not only to show you how cute he is, but to share more of my life with you. Hopefully ya'll don't think I'm too much of a freak ;)

This is my Mom and I's favorite. I think he's playing here..sometimes his eyes get so big he looks like Puss in Boots. If you look close enough you can see a freckle on his nose!

 Hi! I'm cute :)
 See how pretty he is?
 His jingle bells I got off one of my Christmas presents that my Mom over at Town and Country Living made..check it out for more cute Christmas wrapping ideas!
 Frank doing what he does best!
 This is the hubby's favorite
He's so proper!
I hope you enjoyed Frank and his photo shoot. Thanks Grandma!

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Ruby Jean said...

Oh Hello Frank!!!! I will have to show our daughter this post... Her last cat was a tabby cat... She will just ADORE your sweet Frank... Be sure to come back and link him up on FURSday... :)

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

LOL. Grandma! I'm gonna have to post some pics of my motley crew to share at FURSday!

Renee said...

Frank is just darling!

Faith said...

he is so cute! my cat and yours sound so similar! i love cats ... they are the best! and i agree, my cat seems like a dog. it is so strange ... and he has never gone outside of his litter box either :) we got lucky!

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