Monday, April 2, 2012

Crafts, Food, Movies, and Books!

I'm pretty excited about a new DIY craft me and hubby are making, yes it's finally gonna get crafty up in this b**ch! :) I will be posting pics later! My Mom over at Town and Country Living has been inspiring me to be more crafty, and did I mention the hubby is a carpenter? I have many projects I want to do that he can help me with. I'd also love to update my boring old white Ikea dresser. It's pretty cheap but right now I don't have money to buy a new one..and it just needs a little snazzing up!

So I've been loading my brain with lots of information on plant based/vegan diets lately. More information equals more motivation. I am beating myself up a little bit this past weekend..I didn't do to well. I was bad and ate french fries and a small amount of cheese. I also had an ice cream cone! :O Ah, yikes! Well, I guess I need to move on and not make that mistake again. Although the ice cream always seems to get me. Grr! I just need to make the stuff at home (vegan) and not get it when I'm out. Being vegetarian is real easy, occasionally I get craving for some chicken..mostly when I go out to eat, gotta stop that! Usually, if I go out to eat I try to go to Asian, stir fry places..they seem to have tofu dishes with lots of veggies and rice! So I just need to stay away from the bad chain places. I also bought these Brachs Malted Milk Fiesta Eggs they always sell around Easter while at Menards today. Ugh, why did I do that? My Mom got me hooked on these things a few years ago. They're amazing. I need to get rid of them! I told my husband he needs to be better and not let me do those bad things. :/  I'm learning from my bad habits. I'll get there, it just might take awhile. I'd have to say I'm doing okay, it has only been a month! I just have to keep supporting myself and making healthy choices. :) I also have to keep telling myself I will look really good one day! Bikini body here I come. ;) I've decided to try this 21 day Vegan Kickstart Program. I'm not going to follow each meal strictly, I would probably sub some of the soups and oatmeals for my own, that I know are just as healthy. Maybe this plan will help me be more plant strong? We'll see! I also want a juicer really, really, really bad. They are super expensive though and I'd really like to go to Mexico for our one year anniversary. I know I'd use this juicer a lot though. It's just hard to go and drop $300 on a juicer. So if anyone wants to buy me one, I'd gladly accept.

As I said before I'm educating myself a lot more with veganism and plant based diets. I feel like it's popping up all over the place. Eat a vegan/plant based diet and you'll lose weight, have increased energy, lower your cholesterol, won't get sick, reverse heart disease and other diseases..the list goes on! I don't currently have any ailments..other than the fact that yes I'm probably not getting all my nutrients and vitamins..and I'd like to lose some fat! I recently watched Forks Over Knives, great movie on eating a plant based diet. I also watched and read The China Study another book about a plant based diet..also a study that Dr. T Colin Campbell, did in China about heart health and reversing diseases. I've read Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bitch Book of Vegan Swaps. The first book I read that led me to read the rest of these books was The Beginners Guide to Natural Living. I highly recommend all these books! They are packed with great information and they'll make you open your eyes to what is in our food and how messed up the FDA really is. This last book, Natural Cures is a little intense. Most of the information to me is useful but I skipped through some parts as it seems to repeat itself in certain spots. I'd say read with caution. Everyone has their own opinion and I chose to believe what I want. I'm not saying you have to read any of these books, but if you're looking to get more knowledge on what you eat and what goes into your body give these books/documentaries a try.

This was more like a diary entry..well I guess that can be okay right? Have a great week everyone, super excited to share some yummy recipes I've made today! :)


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

I had to laugh when I read the comment about the Fiesta Eggs because I just got done eating some. I too, feel guilty when I eat these but I remind myself it's only once a year. I'll just run extra miles tomorrow. :)

Bridget Hedger said...

Id love to run extra miles tomorrow! :( I want this bursitis to go away!!! Its slowing me down! I threw them away

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