Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wedding :)

Well friends I know it's been awhile since I've made a post. Weddings are very time consuming! I'm free again. Well now it's time to plan my sisters wedding but I promise to try to cook some more because I'm missing it, lets be honest, and I went on a shopping spree today with my new husband and bought many new cooking tools. We are excited to start using them! Our wedding was amazing, I wouldn't change a thing. I'd like to say thanks to my Mother for all the help and creativity she put into the wedding. She made it perfect for us and I'll remember it forever and what she did to make it perfect. We got married in a big red barn out in the country. It was the perfect setting for us. I hope everyone enjoys some of the photos! More photos to come soon

 Kisses for the bride!
 The beautiful flower baby Zoe..she didn't throw flowers just looked adorable for the ride down the aisle.

 Rustic door we borrowed from my Mom to display pictures

 Burlap banners my mom made

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